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Tél : +33 (0)2 23 48 54 01

Thèmes de recherches

  • Microéconomie de la production agricole
  • Economie publique appliquée à l’élevage
  • Analyse des régulations environnementales

Sélection de publications récentes

  • Letort, E., Dupraz, P. (2024).
    "Animal feed as a lever to reduce methane emissions: a micro-econometric approach applied to French dairy farms." Environmental Modeling and Assessment, forthcoming
  • Letort, E., Femenia, F. (2024).
    "Identifying heterogeneous flexibility of dairy farms using a panel smooth transition regression approach."
    European Review of Agricultural Economics 51(1), 185-213.
  • Bamière, L., Bellassen, V., Angers, D., Cardinael, R., Ceschia, E., Chenu, C., Letort, E., ... & Pellerin, S. (2023).
    "A marginal abatement cost curve for climate change mitigation by additional carbon storage in French agricultural land."
    Journal of Cleaner Production, 383, 135423.
  • Bareille, F., Letort, E. (2018).
    "How do farmers manage their crop biodiversity through time? A dynamic acreage allocation model with productive feedback."
    European Review of Agricultural Economics, 45(4), 617-639.
  • Femenia, F., Letort, E. (2016).
    "How to achieve significant reduction in pesticide use? An empirical evaluation of the impacts of pesticide taxation associated with a change in cropping practice."
    Ecological Economics, 125(C), 27-37.

Travaux en cours

  • Fadhuile, A., Femenia, F., Letort, E. (2024). Alternatives to pesticide use: identification of practices based on FADN data and "pratiques culturales" surveys.
  • Letort, E. (2024). Determinants of supply and demand for organic milk.
  • Letort, E., Ridier, E. (2024). Economic performance of organic dairy farms: A diff-and-diff analysis on French data.

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