Nos interventions

SMART au XVIIe Congrès de l'EAAE

Nos interventions

Les scientifiques de SMART seront fortement présents au XVIIe Congrès de l'EAAE organisé du 29 août au 1er septembre 2023 à Rennes.

Organisatrice de l'évènement, l'unité SMART sera fortement impliquée dans le Congrès à travers les 32 interventions suivantes (les auteurs membres de SMART apparaissent en gras) :

  • Will The New Common Agricultural Policy Be Greener? The Case of France (M. Lassalas, H. Guyomard, V. Chatellier, C. Détang-Dessendre, P. Dupraz)
  • Upscaling environmental incentives in the Common Agricultural Policy: an ex-ante evaluation method applied with the Farm Accountancy Data Network (F. Le Gloux, P. Dupraz)
  • Accounting for Latent Cropping Management Practices Choices in Crop Production Models: a Random Parameter Hidden Markov Model Approach (E. Devilliers, P. Koutchadé, A. Carpentier)
  • Determinants of Biosecurity Adoption: Evidence of Spillover Effects in a Spatial Autoregressive Multivariate Probit (A. Rault, P. Koutchadé, A. Osseni)
  • Variable Input Allocation Among Crops: A Time-Varying Random Parameters Approach (P. Koutchade, A. Carpentier, F. Féménia)
  • Using Farm Cost Accounting Data To Estimate Crop Rotation Effects: An Approach Based On a Smooth Mathematical Program with Equilibrium Constraints (I. Sodjahin, F. Femenia, A. Carpentier, A. Gohin)
  • A Tax-and-Refund System for Reducing Pesticide Use in EU Agriculture: Promising Simulation Results for the French Arable Crop Sector (A. Carpentier, F. Femenia, P. Koutchadé, H. Guyomard)
  • Exploring The Effects Of Urban Growth On Farmland Prices: An Agent-Based Model Approach (M. Fromage, L. Piet)
  • Adding mirror clauses within the European Green Deal: Hype or hope? (A. Gohin, A. Matthews)
  • The Capitalisation Of Agricultural Income And The Creation Of Professional Agricultural Assets (P. Jeanneaux, L. Piet)
  • Ex ante Evaluation of Banning Glyphosate in Field Crops : A Scenario based approach (A. Fadhuile, A. Carpentier)
  • When Quality Management Helps Agri-food Firms to Export (C. Emlinger, K. Latouche)
  • Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from the French Food Processing Industry (K. R. Chemo Dzukou, M. Vancauteren)
  • Impact Of Climatic Risk On Farm Credit Default (G. Bagnarosa)
  • Revisiting The Economic And Behavioral Drivers of Farmers’ Pesticide Uses Based On Prospect Theory (A. Carpentier, X. Reboud)
  • Distortion Of Competition On The European Market: A Brake On The Exit Of Pesticides In Europe? The Case Of Neonicotinoids (C. Laroche Dupraz, C. Ropars)
  • Brexit’s Trade Impacts at Regional Level: The Case of French and U.K. Regions (K. Syrengelas, A. Cheptea, M. Huchet)
  • The Economic Performance of Transitional and Nontransitional French Organic Dairy Farms: a Diff-in-diff Analysis with Panel Data (E. Letort, A. Ridier)
  • Pesticides Efficiency of French Wheat Producers Under a Stochastic Frontier Framework (K H. Dakpo, F. Femenia)
  • Investigating the Impacts of Climate-Induced Land Use Change on the Value of Farmland (M. Fromage, S. Huettel, L. Piet)
  • Investment In Digital Tools In Farm: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis (M. Ben Jaballah, M. Ghali, N. Ben Arfa, G. Kleftodimos, K. Daniel, A. Ridier)
  • Towards Understanding Price Formation in Agricultural Commodities Markets: Structural Changes and Statistical Causal Relationships Driven by Public News Sentiment (I. Chalkiadakis, G. W. Peters, G. Bagnarosa, A. Gohin)
  • How Taste, Quality and Costs Shape Export Success: Evidence from French Food Firms (K. R. Chemo-Dzukou, S. Turolla)
  • Revealing The Cost Of Environmental Services In Dairy Farms (K. Dzegle, A. Ridier)
  • Protection of Geographical Indications in Trade Agreements: is it worth it? (C. Emlinger, K. Latouche)
  • Choice Experiment to Assess Dairy Farmers' Preferences for Pesticide Reduction: Does Labour Matter? (J. Denantes, A. Ridier, C. Ropars-Collet, M. Carof, A.-L. Jacquot)
  • Assessment of Consumer Preferences in the Context of Multiple Labels: the Case of FAPs (J.-F. Dewals, S. Lucas, F. Daures, P. Le Floc'h)
  • Adoption of Environmental Contracts and Farms’ Productivity: An Insight Through the Adoption of Agri-Environmental Schemes (AES) and Organic Certification (M. Lassalas, A. Plastina, S. H. Lence)
  • The Role of Storage in Commodity Markets: Indirect Inference Based on Grains Data (C. Gouel, N. Legrand)
  • Impacts Of Low Pesticides Practices On Farmers’ Crop Production Decision: Estimation Based On Observed French Data (A. Fadhuile, F. Femenia, E. Letort)
  • Quality Upgrading And Position In Global Value Chain: Firm-level Evidence From The French Agri-food Industry (K. M. Agbekponou, A. Cheptea, K. Latouche)
  • Combining Scenario Planning, Identification of Research Gaps and Backcasting for Building Normative Future: The Example of the Foresight on Pesticide-free Agriculture in Europe in 2050 (O. Mora, C. Meunier, J.-A. Berne, J.-L. Drouet, C. Le Mouël)

Outre ces présentations, des chercheurs de SMART présideront ou seront discutants des sessions organisées suivantes :

  • Agri-food Trade, Nontariff Measures and Certification (K. Latouche, présidente)
  • Economic Tools For The Transition To Pesticide-free Agriculture: Insights Into French Agriculture (A. Carpentier, co-président)
  • Firms’ Performance Measures And Their International Trade Behavior: Evidence From The EU Agri-Food Sector (K. Latouche, discutante)
  • Money for Nothing? Integrating Resultbased Approaches To Improve the Efficiency of Agri-Environment Schemes – A Critical View! (P. Dupraz, discutant)

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